What is an Objection?

Don't Confuse Objection with Request for Information
An objection is a statement by your prospect that he or she wants or needs to know more. If the objections your prospect voices are really requests for more information, they are a required ingredient in the selling recipe.

Actually, the more uncomfortable and insecure prospects feel, the more likely they are to raise objections. Unless they have conditions that prohibit the sale, raising objections can often be a way for them to say, "Hey, take it slower. I need some time to think." What's happening here is that his or her emotions are taking over. This person wants what you are offering; however, the logical side of them is telling them to be more cautious -- to think this through. Please realize this is a normal aspect of any selling situation. Because of this discomfort, many times objections don't come at you sounding like polite requests for more information. But as a professional, you realize this, and you know just what to do about it.

If you are sensitive to the customers' objections, slowing down the pace will allow you to build a more secure relationship. Approach your presentation hoping for objections -- hoping for an opportunity to dispel your prospect's fears. In doing this, each rung of the ladder will be strong and able to support the next objection or help you reach a successful culmination of the sale.

From: Low Profile Selling
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