Replace Rejection Words with Go-Ahead Terms

Don't Use Words that Trigger Fear
Hundreds of thousands of salespeople don't know about rejection words or far worse, they know, but they keep on using them to drive dollars from their own pockets. Let's define what we're talking about:

A rejection word (cost, price, down payment, contract, etc) is any term that triggers fear, or reminds prospects that you are trying to sell them.

When prospects hear rejection words, their responses often run something like this: "Oh, no I'm just looking. We're in no hurry. We're just killing time."

If you're deeper into the selling sequence when you let a rejection word slip out, your prospects will say things like, "We'll let you know. We'll sleep on it. We're just gathering information now. We'll call you when we're ready."

Rejection words really work well. They let you scare your prospects so much that most of them will reject you and your proposition. If you're using rejection words you don't need enemies, you've got yourself.

From: How to Master the Art of Selling
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