The Snooker Close

Don't let him 'snooker' you out of position. There is a lot of difference between a prospect's saying, 'I'm not interested,' and 'I really am interested but I don't feel I can get it right now and therefore don't want to watch a presentation at this particular moment.' Many times the prospect is in identically the same position I was in as I approached the front door of the house that the Redhead was excited about.

Now I would never accuse my Redhead of secretly taking drama lessons, but based on what happened next, I strongly suspect that she had. As we stepped up to the front door, she turned around and made huge sweeping emotions with her arms and declared the yard perfect for the future construction of the circular driveway I had always wanted. As we walked inside, there was a nice chandelier in the entrance hall of the home. The Redhead didn't say a word, but she did come to a dead stop. It couldn't have been more than a second. She turned slightly sideways, looked up, grinned, and walked on. That's all she needed to do. Message delivered-message received.
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