The Four Stages of Change: Commitment (Ziglar-certified speaker)

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The Light at the End of the Tunnel
[Cynthia Scott and Dennis Jaffe have identified four stages a person goes through when confronted with change. Depending on how major the change is, you can spend minutes, hours, weeks -- even months -- in any one stage. The four stages are: denial (a "business as usual" attitude), resistance (increased stress accompanied by decreased productivity), exploration (the beginning of acceptance), and commitment (moving forward).]

The last stage is the commit to change stage. You find the ideas and techniques that work and begin to move forward with these. In our software example, it's when you begin to like and use the features of the new software. In fact, you can't imagine switching back to the older one. Don't be fooled into thinking that everything is now going to work smoothly, because a new change is just around the corner. But the next time you feel yourself stuck in a situation where you are resisting the change, remember that you are going through a normal process. Allow yourself to constructively vent the negative feelings you are having about the change.

Perhaps you need to formally end the old before you can begin the new. Find a way to say goodbye to the old so that you can welcome in the new.

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