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Train Yourself to Think Positive-Goal Thoughts

Are you aware of how the FBI trains its agents to spot counterfeit bills? The FBI schools agents by training them to see all of the characteristics of bills printed by the U.S. Treasury -- they deal only with genuine money. An FBI agent learns to recognize authentic ones, fives, tens, twenties, fifties and hundred-dollar notes until his or her appraisal of them becomes second nature. An agent studies a bill, both sides of it, until he or she learns every feature that makes it a genuine issue of legal tender.

That way, when FBI agents see counterfeit bills, they immediately recognize them as such. Their minds aren't cluttered with what "might be wrong" or "what usually is left off" or "mistakes that are commonly made." They know what they're looking for. They are specialists in the real thing. False bills seem glaringly obvious to them.

If you allow yourself to think about the penalties of failure or all the things that could go wrong, you're far more likely to infuse your performance with those penalties and mistakes. Continually tell yourself what to do. Don't concentrate on what not to do.

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