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Warm Up the Prospect with Your Words
Many of you will be assigned a territory where you are to go out into the community and meet businesses, meet people working in the area, and you may want to establish a game plan for handling or sending an introductory letter to them.

In fact, you might say something like this:

"Good morning (and you'd state their name),
My name is Tom Hopkins, a representative of (name of company). Upper management of my firm has given me an assignment."

Now I want you to notice the words there, by saying "upper management has given me an assignment," you are almost blaming the company for the fact that you have to make this contact. Thus, the person you're contacting will have empathy for you, be more open when you call to set the time to visit. Then you continue with the letter:

"They have asked that I contact companies in this area to conduct a quick two-question survey to enhance our ability to give better service to the clients we intend to serve."

Then you say:

"Thank you in advance for your help. I will be calling you in the next few weeks to set a time when we can visit."

Now, you'll be amazed by sending that letter how much warmer they are when you call to introduce yourself and let them know you have to come by and ask these two quick survey questions.

From: The Highlights of the Perfect Sales Process DVD
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